We take our time to bring you brilliantly crafted goods with a timeless modern aesthetic  you will have for years to come. We search through all the options out there to select small batch artisans we believe are great at their craft. Some of these artisans are one person shows and others are growing into small design houses.

We’ve also partnered with small companies and design houses that are supporting small regional artisans and communities internationally. These items are purchased on fair trade, their products are ethically sourced and the artisans are able to have a steady income source.

We are proud of the artisans we carry and are excited to be a part of their journey.

Here is a current list of our artisans.


Convivial Production; Kansas City, Missouri

The Savvy Heart: Seattle, Washington

Xihn & Co; Nashville, Tennessee & Vietnam

Standard Wax

Amy Hamley

Geist Chair Company

Handmade by a friend

GreyViolet Weaving

Monstera Creative

Minimum Design

United Kimgdom

Lightwell Co


Juju & Jake